Sync Modular is free now, thanks NI

That's right NI Reaktor's stepbrother Sync Modular is now free. I've overlooked the news, it became free quite a time ago, but never the less I support that kind of steps. I remember I asked NI to make Reaktor 2.3 free ages ago. Now it feels like they should make free Reaktor 5 🙂


Sync Modular is free now

Youtube is the answer

I just did something I should do at least 3 years ago. I created my synthesis Youtube channel. Anyway, the QM synthesis idea was developed ages before this blog even, And before we have Quantum Radio 2 and probablly some more bonuses there is first video for this blog. During creating it I've solved quite a lot of technical problems of video recording, editing, recompressing, sound and multiple video sync. And now there is midi controller in picture, it's Korg's Nanokontrol. So, it's quite good beginning!

Now, enjoy new video! HD/Fullscreen mode is recommended!

Qm synthesis in MAX MSP video

Just found quite first QM synthesis realization in MAX MSP video. I have to admit it was my mistake not making any videos for QM synthesis. Anyway, it's going to be fixed for Quantum Radio 2.

SunVox and Virtual ANS are free now

A couple of rocking music software pieces just became freeware. Buzz inspired multi-platform modular tracker and Image to Sound FFT synthesizer. Both from the same developer.

SunVox is a small, fast and powerful music sequencer with modular synthesizers. It is a tool for those people who want to compose music anywhere. SunVox available for desktop PC (Windows, Linux, Mac OS X), pocket computers (Windows Mobile, PalmOS, iPhone) and netbooks.


VirtualANS (ANS – the abbreviation for "Alexandr Nicolaevitch Skryabin", the great Russian composer) is the software analogue of the first Russian synthesizer in which the unique optical method of synthesis, developed by a scientist E. Mursin in the years 1937-1957, is used.

VirtualANS is a tool for creating unique fantastic sounds. You can convert JPG-images to the sound and and vice versa. There are different tools for visual transformations, three methods of synthesis during convertation (FFT and ADDITIVE) and possibility generate multichannel sounds (mono, stereo, 6 channels).

Virtual ANS

Plus there is a multi-plutform game and some additional interesting stuff on the site!

Cockos updated free VST plugins pack

And the coolest thing about that we’ve got a couple of new plugs and one of them is absolutely rocks:


  • Realtime user-editable effect processor
  • 64-bit internal audio processing, MIDI support, full PDC support, multichannel I/O support, graphics display support.
  • Hundreds of included effects, including: delays, compressors, limiters, convolution, distortion, spectral noise editors, analyzers, loop samplers, creative effects.
  • Create new effects from scratch, or modify existing effects to meet your needs
  • JS editor and debugger included, opens automatically when you edit a plug-in

A couple of words about coming soon ideas

Hey, it’s been ages since last actual activity of the project. But anyway, I don’t lose anything by having this blog. I’ve just bought Roland MKS-50. And as a lot of classic machines it’s got own quite unique sound. My experience with sound producing shows me that a lot of outstanding sounds are done with unique FX proccessing. After releasing QM Radio 2.0, I’m going to create something interesting in FX proccessing. I’ve got some working prototypes I did ages ago. And I’m going to move on with that as well.

Happy New Year

It’s kinda easy to wish you Heavy New Year or Happy New Fear nowadays but still I hope all of us are full of ideas and energy to keep things going. I’m putting out a lossless wavs of Quantum Radio bank 1. Then will be bank 2, and then I’ll sit to construct something more serious than Quantum Radio ensemble. Seriously, want something done – do it yourself. It’s gonna be long way, baby… Anyway, Happy Holidays dudes!