Reaktor 5.6 update announced

A couple of weeks ago NI announced Reaktor 5.6 update. It must to be said that is quite small update (5.5.1 to 5.6) for these years of waiting and hoping for 6.0. It seems NI left very few resources working on Reaktor software and put their best men to DJ and VSTi synthesis software divisions. The list of updated features is also pretty modest:

New and improved features:

  • 64bit support under Windows and Mac OS X
  • New "search box" feature for quick module/macro insertion
  • Breadcrumb navigation for structures
  • Mouse scrolling via modifier key in structure view
  • Drag&Drop copy in structure view
  • Transparency and frame hiding for XY module
  • Time display added to recorder

And by the way, announced doesn't mean already available for download 🙂

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