It’s been hell of the time

Since my last post in the blog. Thank you very much my visitors whoever you are. Some of you left me comments or messages asking a lot of questions. All of those are very important for me and I'll be back to posting even if I haven't replied you. I've got a new job and moved my attention to the video production. I'm still interested in music and sound design and that means this blog is not going to be closed at least. There is Quantum Radio 2.0 project lies on the shelf and the only reason I left it there because it's way too conceptual. I live in too much small town and I don't have any kind people who could be interested in that kind of things. It's quite strange feeling when you're working alone without any fresh mind support around. The nearest my goal for this blog is changing the publication approach. The main idea is switching to the video blog. And I have to find a way to make easy to create and support. I've got quite a lot of video production hardware and quite enough of time to do that. As far as I understood Native Instruments decided to stop developing NI Reaktor. And I have to admit I never understand logic they follow and I never count on the company. That's why there is no "reaktor" brand in the name of this blog. I knew there is ending of Reaktor era. Well, shit happens. But it doesn't make me poor of ideas. So, there will be updates. Not so very original or fresh but still I stay on my way to put some fresh breathe to the blog. Thanks for the support all of you!

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