Youtube is the answer

I just did something I should do at least 3 years ago. I created my synthesis Youtube channel. Anyway, the QM synthesis idea was developed ages before this blog even, And before we have Quantum Radio 2 and probablly some more bonuses there is first video for this blog. During creating it I've solved quite a lot of technical problems of video recording, editing, recompressing, sound and multiple video sync. And now there is midi controller in picture, it's Korg's Nanokontrol. So, it's quite good beginning!

Now, enjoy new video! HD/Fullscreen mode is recommended!

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    April 17th, 2010 03:58

    Sick video – can't wait to try QMR2!
    Such a clear correlation between the parabolic shaper/spectrogram.
    Hope Reaktor 5.5 update supports proper visualization.

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