Multi-Mirror aka Fold Distortion aka Multireflector 2

In yearly ages I designed a macro called "Multi-reflection". That was years and years ago and the problem with the macro is that 4 levels of reflecting is alway not enough. And all of the levels were built one by one. And everything is supposed to work with Peak Detector. And these are clearly flaws. And since that was not good as I always want to have I redesigned that multi-reflecting macro. Now it's Multi-Mirror with Stereo, Mono and Event version available! Also the structure became smaller, a lot:


  • In – Audio in, typical range -1 to +1.
  • Fx Reflecting amp-factor, 1 to *as you wish number*, 1 means no reflecting.
  • Out – Audio out, range -1 to +1
  • Event version has 0 to 1 ranges to keep compatibility with my LFO Modulators

The Multi-mirror allows to reflect the incoming signal very effective as it done with math. It's often called as Fold-distortion and detailed description of the effect and sound examples can be found in the old Mutli-reflector post. The new multi-mirror macros can be found at downloads.

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