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Not yet

I have to admit it takes more time to build an ensemble that would dumbfound you. But it almost done. I’m about to start write text and make visuals. Also I’m going to contact a couple of persons before publish the post, because I need to confirm that my *5% CPU-1200Mhz load* is going to separate the world of synthesis to before and after. That’s funny to be excited about it. The funny thing is that even at worst case I think you’ll be surprised.
Anyway, I think one more post with a couple of tips won’t be superfluous for Reaktor newbies at least. There we go…
One of the oldest thing I use is Pitch2Factor converter. Sometimes it’s useful to have note-pitch as a scaling factor. Read the rest of this entry »

GetDigit and LCDigit

A couple more of small macros I did for some of visuals for the idea I’m going to publish in next post, GetDigit and LCDigit: Read the rest of this entry »

Event Swap

Hi guys. I’ve been working on one of the ideas I promised to put out since last year and realized that some of the details don’t really fit to the post (which is going to be huge), but they still worth to post and I decided to post the things as a couple of small posts aka tips. Read the rest of this entry »