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NI Razor by Errorsmith

Many years ago I was amazed of SumSynth idea by Lazyfish. It was outstanding because Lazyfish found a way to construct fully operational spectral synthesizer whereas Reaktor had no actual multi-sine modules. Nowadays Reaktor has Sinebank module and it's a quite revolution for the software. Having hundreds and hundred of sine waves mixed together you can get almost any sound possible! And now Razor synth introduced by NI and Errorsmith is really new breathe take in additive synthesis!

Hardware synths in browser

Really great idea with beautiful realization. There is a lot of additional online soft like games and even Microkorg XL patch editor! Nice!

How about a little collection of waveforms?

About 4500 ones!

All this huge collection by Advanture Kid you can get for free at their site. Also there are some extra free stuff like Reverb Impulses and etc.

Youtube is the answer

I just did something I should do at least 3 years ago. I created my synthesis Youtube channel. Anyway, the QM synthesis idea was developed ages before this blog even, And before we have Quantum Radio 2 and probablly some more bonuses there is first video for this blog. During creating it I've solved quite a lot of technical problems of video recording, editing, recompressing, sound and multiple video sync. And now there is midi controller in picture, it's Korg's Nanokontrol. So, it's quite good beginning!

Now, enjoy new video! HD/Fullscreen mode is recommended!

First QM-Synth VSTi for download

K.M.Krebs just released a free VSTi version of QM-Synth based on my QM Synthesis description. I’ve checked out the synth, it works pretty well, I haven’t noticed any bugs yet. Despite the fact that the synth done in SynthEdit it’s quite usable for creative sound design within any VST-compatible host. The synth lacks high frequencies tuning resolution, but it features 2 LFOs for the both OSC’s – source wave and quantization. Honesty, I was planning to make a VSTi version myself some time ago, but it’s really great K.M.Krebs has done it ahead of me. The synth’s really worth to check out if you don’t own Reaktor and got some interest in experimental synthesis.

QM-Synth VSTi download

Thanks goes to K.M.Krebs!

QM synthesis I invented


It’s hard to believe it’s still possible to invent something new and simple nowadays. It’s harder to believe it’s still possible to invent something simple and useful. What would you say if I say I’ve invented a new kind of sound synthesis? I guess you’d call me a liar or fool. Well, the thing I’m typing here is my experience, a small bit, a little flash in my head occurred something like a year or two ago. Maybe it’s already invented; maybe it’s a question of when. I’m typing my experience to leave my footsteps; to be able to look back at things shaped my life path. I don’t live for money, I don’t live for emotions nobody care of, I don’t collect stuff, I do collect my own thoughts before my personality is disappeared. The idea described below is my everyday challenge to the world – there are still simple things to discover.

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QM synthesis sonograms

There are 60 full spectrum (0-22050hz) sonograms for the selected snapshots sounds of Quantum Radio ensemble. The time scale vary within one or a few seconds. Keep in mind that the ensemble doesn’t contain any automated modules – LFO, ADSR, step-sequencers and etc. No FX-processing has not been applied neither .
QM synthesis sonogram

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