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Making pianist of arpeggiator

It’s funny to note that most of Reaktor users use Reaktor to generate pure audio only, and all of them are full of enthusiasm to find absolutely unique and fattest sound ever. There is no anything bad about it, except one thing – people create thousand of sounds a day and there are very few ones I would kill for. People do the same with the same tools mostly to show some balls, erm, the same balls. People build synths with 10 x 10 modulation matrix to produce x2 madness of the last version with 9 x 9 matrix. There is nothing wrong with it, but these sounds ain’t gonna touch my soul until they brilliantly sequenced. There is no separate sound that changed my life relief, and there is a bunch of sequences that shaped out my biography. There are tons of samples around I would kill for. Quite big magic part of the samples is the elements sequencing. I began my music making practice with huge hardware limitations. I was very limited with sounds and I made things that just put in me shock these days. Now I got gigabytes of samples and I’m confused. It’s obvious the most of them ain’t gonna be useful, but they gonna steal my time. The magic of my talent is in the sequencing, and my brain don’t give a damn for the gigabytes, if there’s a sound to play with – the limits gonna be my path to the pure art of sequencing. Let me introduce a new term on the blog – Sequence synthesis. That’s the subject of the rest of the post.

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