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Free sample packs WAV/SFZ

Recent news is MusicRadar keep sharing giant sample pack one by one. Generally electronic genre sample pack it can be downloaded from MusicRadar site. And the second pack is clearly classic orchestral by Sonatina Symphonic Orchestra which are also free which quite rare comparing to any electronic stuff out there.


And btw, there is coming redesign of site. If you have any additional ideas or synths to review then feel free to contact me or comment any post at the blog! Thanks!

Happy New Year

It’s kinda easy to wish you Heavy New Year or Happy New Fear nowadays but still I hope all of us are full of ideas and energy to keep things going. I’m putting out a lossless wavs of Quantum Radio bank 1. Then will be bank 2, and then I’ll sit to construct something more serious than Quantum Radio ensemble. Seriously, want something done – do it yourself. It’s gonna be long way, baby… Anyway, Happy Holidays dudes!