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QM synthesis I invented


It’s hard to believe it’s still possible to invent something new and simple nowadays. It’s harder to believe it’s still possible to invent something simple and useful. What would you say if I say I’ve invented a new kind of sound synthesis? I guess you’d call me a liar or fool. Well, the thing I’m typing here is my experience, a small bit, a little flash in my head occurred something like a year or two ago. Maybe it’s already invented; maybe it’s a question of when. I’m typing my experience to leave my footsteps; to be able to look back at things shaped my life path. I don’t live for money, I don’t live for emotions nobody care of, I don’t collect stuff, I do collect my own thoughts before my personality is disappeared. The idea described below is my everyday challenge to the world – there are still simple things to discover.

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Merry Xmas!

Hey guys, Merry Xmas to all of you with the religion brain mod installed 🙂

I’m also about own upgrade – gotta see my dentist as soon as possible. As well I’m thinking about my PC upgrade – switch to Intel’s Core 2 Duo. New Year is coming and it’s quite interesting to note that I’ve got better start with the project than expected. I started a couple of months ago with a couple of word in my head – “Synth of Mine”. I’ve put some very basic stuff and the great thing is that people liked the basic idea of the project, I’ve got a support that I wasn’t expecting. I haven’t put out my most interesting ideas yet due to a small number of visitors and my own recent busyness, but I’ve got tons of time to make the ideas clear and time-independent. I have no illusions – my project is future aimed.
Most synth-builders are not ready to share their work properly, they’re sure they’re ready to provide a finished product. But the product has “use if you can” name in most cases and actually they put out own work to nowhere, there are only few persons who are ready to the back-engineering, and a couple of them are really interested. There is no a progress vector within community. Everybody’s got own vector which is actually a curve aimed to a dusty shelf.
Some people are lazy to share, some people are scared to share, some – both. But let me open your eyes as I did a couple of years ago. To do that I’ll answer to one of the greatest questions of the human race – what’s the meaning of our lives? I’ve been searching the answer many years and I’ve found it. Ready to hear it? The meaning of life is a chance for immortality. You have a chance to become immortal within people you’ve inspired, people that have a small piece of your mentality. The more things you’ve shared, the more immortal you became. It sounds quite unreal and funny. But I’m ready to ruin your laugh. There are few simple questions you should be able to answer. When you answer them you’ll see I’m right. Do you agree all the atoms of our bodies came out of stars? Do you agree there is an energy conservation law? Do you agree an energy is transforming from simple to complicated all the way to survive? Do you agree our society is sponsored by solar energy? Do you agree Universe don’t give a damn about your dusty shelf?

Have nice holidays!

Find notes wherever you can

Before I actually sat to start writing this post I was sure it’s gonna be titled “General Purpose Flanger”. But then I realized that isn’t going to be very true title due to a couple of reasons. First, it’s getting boring, I have to describe at least a dozen macros before I’ll put out something really interesting for you. Second, my general purpose flanger has some little secret, which is pushing the macro slightly further than good’n’old classic flangers.

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Usability as religion

Let me step away from Reaktor for a moment and put out a couple of general thoughts. Since my early ages I was quite a computer-geek person. I started to harvest my first programming skills with BASIC on my first ZX-Spectrum 48k machine. It was something like 13-14 years ago, I was truly shocked that you get a programming language a moment after you turn the computer’s power on. It was so simple to begin. I was a 11 years boy, I didn’t have a clue about a programming theory or even English language. But I did see a flashing [K] cursor and 40-keys keyboard. And I had one of most powerful tools to get a result – “method of a scientific guess”, in other words I’ve just tried all of the commands and operands combinations to comprehend Basic, my first programming language 🙂 The key of my success on learning BASIC is ZX-Spectrum’s usability: 1. BASIC “flashed” in ROM (Read Only Memory, no need to load anything); 2. Few commands per key (no need to type commands letter by letter). So, these simple tricks of sir Clive Sinclair have created my ideology and vectored my biography path.

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