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Multi-Mirror aka Fold Distortion aka Multireflector 2

In yearly ages I designed a macro called "Multi-reflection". That was years and years ago and the problem with the macro is that 4 levels of reflecting is alway not enough. And all of the levels were built one by one. And everything is supposed to work with Peak Detector. And these are clearly flaws. And since that was not good as I always want to have I redesigned that multi-reflecting macro. Now it's Multi-Mirror with Stereo, Mono and Event version available! Also the structure became smaller, a lot:


  • In – Audio in, typical range -1 to +1.
  • Fx Reflecting amp-factor, 1 to *as you wish number*, 1 means no reflecting.
  • Out – Audio out, range -1 to +1
  • Event version has 0 to 1 ranges to keep compatibility with my LFO Modulators

The Multi-mirror allows to reflect the incoming signal very effective as it done with math. It's often called as Fold-distortion and detailed description of the effect and sound examples can be found in the old Mutli-reflector post. The new multi-mirror macros can be found at downloads.

Find notes wherever you can

Before I actually sat to start writing this post I was sure it’s gonna be titled “General Purpose Flanger”. But then I realized that isn’t going to be very true title due to a couple of reasons. First, it’s getting boring, I have to describe at least a dozen macros before I’ll put out something really interesting for you. Second, my general purpose flanger has some little secret, which is pushing the macro slightly further than good’n’old classic flangers.

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2-pole LP/BP/HP/Notch Filter

This is probably one of the last my simple building blocks before I start to post my completed ensembles and/or instruments. And since I described almost all of the building blocks it’s not a problem to describe the completed things. Well, let’s take a look at the filter design which I’ve left as it was in one of my synths, the design is quite optimized because I had no plans to publish my synths until I realized that the number of my ideas is far bigger than time I have to explore it’s actual creative potential, and I need to write them down before another bunch of them kidnapped the time window.

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Waves multi-reflecting

One of my favorite effects is a wave reflecting, and I’ve decided to start the blog with a small review of this simple-as-hell and quite interesting filter. When I found the filter in the very fist libraries of Generator (Reaktor) it was mentioned as “cheap octaver”, but today I’d call it “the new life of dissonance”. Similar effects can be found among a big number of wave shapers and distortions and I wouldn’t call it “new” in general, but with this post I would like to remind people how important simple and well known things in some cases. Today’s case is multi-reflecting of detuned waves.

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