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Creating tight beats

Perhaps you’re not sure what I mean under the “tight” word. Well, I’m not really sure about the word as well, but generally I mean natural and catchy sounding. Some of magazines and celebrities use the “tight” word to describe the music they promote, so let’s use the word to promote this post 🙂

I always wonder why there are loads of tight live beats and very few truly electronic ones. The most of hip-hop producers used to sample live drums, no matter what’s the quality of the record they sample. There are a lot of examples where bad quality gives more catchy feelings to the drums. Sometimes you have to enforce mono to get this tight live feeling. Well, no experience can be written down within one post. Let’s start with the basics which I’ve experienced intuitively. I surely won’t tell you something really new, but I’ll try to start something that could grow up to useful after a couple of posts.

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