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Youtube is the answer

I just did something I should do at least 3 years ago. I created my synthesis Youtube channel. Anyway, the QM synthesis idea was developed ages before this blog even, And before we have Quantum Radio 2 and probablly some more bonuses there is first video for this blog. During creating it I've solved quite a lot of technical problems of video recording, editing, recompressing, sound and multiple video sync. And now there is midi controller in picture, it's Korg's Nanokontrol. So, it's quite good beginning!

Now, enjoy new video! HD/Fullscreen mode is recommended!

QM synthesis I invented


It’s hard to believe it’s still possible to invent something new and simple nowadays. It’s harder to believe it’s still possible to invent something simple and useful. What would you say if I say I’ve invented a new kind of sound synthesis? I guess you’d call me a liar or fool. Well, the thing I’m typing here is my experience, a small bit, a little flash in my head occurred something like a year or two ago. Maybe it’s already invented; maybe it’s a question of when. I’m typing my experience to leave my footsteps; to be able to look back at things shaped my life path. I don’t live for money, I don’t live for emotions nobody care of, I don’t collect stuff, I do collect my own thoughts before my personality is disappeared. The idea described below is my everyday challenge to the world – there are still simple things to discover.

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QM synthesis sonograms

There are 60 full spectrum (0-22050hz) sonograms for the selected snapshots sounds of Quantum Radio ensemble. The time scale vary within one or a few seconds. Keep in mind that the ensemble doesn’t contain any automated modules – LFO, ADSR, step-sequencers and etc. No FX-processing has not been applied neither .
QM synthesis sonogram

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Making pianist of arpeggiator

It’s funny to note that most of Reaktor users use Reaktor to generate pure audio only, and all of them are full of enthusiasm to find absolutely unique and fattest sound ever. There is no anything bad about it, except one thing – people create thousand of sounds a day and there are very few ones I would kill for. People do the same with the same tools mostly to show some balls, erm, the same balls. People build synths with 10 x 10 modulation matrix to produce x2 madness of the last version with 9 x 9 matrix. There is nothing wrong with it, but these sounds ain’t gonna touch my soul until they brilliantly sequenced. There is no separate sound that changed my life relief, and there is a bunch of sequences that shaped out my biography. There are tons of samples around I would kill for. Quite big magic part of the samples is the elements sequencing. I began my music making practice with huge hardware limitations. I was very limited with sounds and I made things that just put in me shock these days. Now I got gigabytes of samples and I’m confused. It’s obvious the most of them ain’t gonna be useful, but they gonna steal my time. The magic of my talent is in the sequencing, and my brain don’t give a damn for the gigabytes, if there’s a sound to play with – the limits gonna be my path to the pure art of sequencing. Let me introduce a new term on the blog – Sequence synthesis. That’s the subject of the rest of the post.

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Creating tight beats

Perhaps you’re not sure what I mean under the “tight” word. Well, I’m not really sure about the word as well, but generally I mean natural and catchy sounding. Some of magazines and celebrities use the “tight” word to describe the music they promote, so let’s use the word to promote this post 🙂

I always wonder why there are loads of tight live beats and very few truly electronic ones. The most of hip-hop producers used to sample live drums, no matter what’s the quality of the record they sample. There are a lot of examples where bad quality gives more catchy feelings to the drums. Sometimes you have to enforce mono to get this tight live feeling. Well, no experience can be written down within one post. Let’s start with the basics which I’ve experienced intuitively. I surely won’t tell you something really new, but I’ll try to start something that could grow up to useful after a couple of posts.

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Waves multi-reflecting

One of my favorite effects is a wave reflecting, and I’ve decided to start the blog with a small review of this simple-as-hell and quite interesting filter. When I found the filter in the very fist libraries of Generator (Reaktor) it was mentioned as “cheap octaver”, but today I’d call it “the new life of dissonance”. Similar effects can be found among a big number of wave shapers and distortions and I wouldn’t call it “new” in general, but with this post I would like to remind people how important simple and well known things in some cases. Today’s case is multi-reflecting of detuned waves.

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