GetDigit and LCDigit

A couple more of small macros I did for some of visuals for the idea I’m going to publish in next post, GetDigit and LCDigit:

GetDigit is a math macro to extract digit of out numbers. It works in a simple way, just calculates difference between two different powers of the incoming number. It works only with positive numbers, but it supports non-integral numbers (you just need to set negative digit position value at Y input).

It was funny to find out that the modulo macro has quite weird accuracy at least on my machine. My 10-years old calculator has much more accurate processing than Reaktor’s modulo. I’m not sure if it’s a bug, but try to connect these numbers to the modulo “46.6 % 0.1”. Do you know what I got at the output? Div = 465, Mod = 0,0999985… 20.999994 century, yeh?..

LCDigit is a simple lamp-based “LCD display”. I’m not sure if anyone find it usefull, but It does fit perfectly into my ensemble idea, and be honestly I wonder why Reaktor has no really big number readouts or text font size. It’s quite painfully to have these build-in small letters. Some of visual features of Reaktor looks really dated.


GetDigit macro
LCDigit macro

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