Event Swap

Hi guys. I’ve been working on one of the ideas I promised to put out since last year and realized that some of the details don’t really fit to the post (which is going to be huge), but they still worth to post and I decided to post the things as a couple of small posts aka tips.
Now there is a small tip about event values swapping. You can see a small screenshot of the ensemble I’m doing these days to introduce a quite shocking idea. But today we need to implement a swapping of the accumulators values:

2 accumulators

You can see a couple of accumulators and snapshot modules to be able save the values as a preset.

Adding the swapping

To add the “event swap” macro I had to add a couple of “event merge” and connect them back to accumulators “set” input to be able set values from both – snapshot modules and the event swap macro. Note that we can’t just directly connect routers and stuff to swap the accumulators values – we have to avoid event loops that may cause Reaktor crash. Below there is a screenshot of the macro I build to make it simple:

Event swap macro

Of course, the marco probably isn’t going to save hours of yours, but I think it’s quite important to use things (modules) effectively and keep the layout clean. Some of Reaktor newbies don’t really know details about event processing in Reaktor, they are about to build damn AI to avoid Reaktor crashes whereas there is a small thing they don’t know. Reaktor ensembles look as a 2-dimensional layouts, but there is actually one more dimension to keep eye on – event order.

Download: Event swap

See ya tomorrow!

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