About v0.1

Synth Of Mine . com is a blog which, according it’s name, is dedicated to the sound synthesis. But wait, that’s not all. There are six letters of the domain name that I’ve forgot to describe. These six letters make quite a difference between this site and a thousand of other ones which are dedicated to boring fundamentals or news about upcoming a new freeware synth which need to be registered for $299.95 before you hear the sound. But I’m not a big fan of complicated things and searching of perfection in someone’s work. 23% of ‘stealing’ and 52% of brainstorming is my general recipe for this site.

My main approach in synth-creating is being new within simple and well-known things. I try to avoid complicated or useless ideas. My favourite result is an unexpected result. It just drives me crazy when I smell that the output can be more complicated than the layout of synthesizer that produces it. I’m not sure you got what I’m taking about, but there is no anyone who cares about this site except me right now. At the moment, this site is a motivation to brainstorm to me, a notebook to write down all these small sparkles which usually grows dim within another boring day.

Next few weeks I will be filling the blog with my past ideas and files. The ideas will be materialized as a text with pictures (screenshots or hand drawing). The files are going to be splitted to source *.ens (‘ensemble’) files and recorded results of sound sculpture in mp3/ogg. The source *.ens files need Native Instrument Reaktor to be opened. If you don’t own such software but interested in getting lossless version of a certain sound I’ll be glad upload it for you. The most of the ideas can be recreated in freeware SynthEdit which allow saving it to VST/VSTi as well. But I find NI Reaktor most acceptable for my purposes, so I’ll stick to it as a synthesizer producing software.

If you’re a music maker (especially experimental electronic), sound producer or DSP programmer then perhaps you will be interested in those files. I will try to keep the sound fresh and weird. And if you got some another bright or dark idea to share then don’t hesitate to contact me and I’ll set you as the blog author. It would be a great piece of an inspiration to dig out other’s mad view of the world. The best of ideas (mine or anybody else’s) will be converted from the blog messages to separate pages which are more obvious to the site visitors.

P.S. Sampling and Sequencing are included into the ‘sound synthesis’ term. For some reason 🙂