It’s been hell of the time

Since my last post in the blog. Thank you very much my visitors whoever you are. Some of you left me comments or messages asking a lot of questions. All of those are very important for me and I'll be back to posting even if I haven't replied you. I've got a new job and moved my attention to the video production. I'm still interested in music and sound design and that means this blog is not going to be closed at least. There is Quantum Radio 2.0 project lies on the shelf and the only reason I left it there because it's way too conceptual. I live in too much small town and I don't have any kind people who could be interested in that kind of things. It's quite strange feeling when you're working alone without any fresh mind support around. The nearest my goal for this blog is changing the publication approach. The main idea is switching to the video blog. And I have to find a way to make easy to create and support. I've got quite a lot of video production hardware and quite enough of time to do that. As far as I understood Native Instruments decided to stop developing NI Reaktor. And I have to admit I never understand logic they follow and I never count on the company. That's why there is no "reaktor" brand in the name of this blog. I knew there is ending of Reaktor era. Well, shit happens. But it doesn't make me poor of ideas. So, there will be updates. Not so very original or fresh but still I stay on my way to put some fresh breathe to the blog. Thanks for the support all of you!

NI Razor by Errorsmith

Many years ago I was amazed of SumSynth idea by Lazyfish. It was outstanding because Lazyfish found a way to construct fully operational spectral synthesizer whereas Reaktor had no actual multi-sine modules. Nowadays Reaktor has Sinebank module and it's a quite revolution for the software. Having hundreds and hundred of sine waves mixed together you can get almost any sound possible! And now Razor synth introduced by NI and Errorsmith is really new breathe take in additive synthesis!

Hardware synths in browser

Really great idea with beautiful realization. There is a lot of additional online soft like games and even Microkorg XL patch editor! Nice!

Multi-Mirror aka Fold Distortion aka Multireflector 2

In yearly ages I designed a macro called "Multi-reflection". That was years and years ago and the problem with the macro is that 4 levels of reflecting is alway not enough. And all of the levels were built one by one. And everything is supposed to work with Peak Detector. And these are clearly flaws. And since that was not good as I always want to have I redesigned that multi-reflecting macro. Now it's Multi-Mirror with Stereo, Mono and Event version available! Also the structure became smaller, a lot:


  • In – Audio in, typical range -1 to +1.
  • Fx Reflecting amp-factor, 1 to *as you wish number*, 1 means no reflecting.
  • Out – Audio out, range -1 to +1
  • Event version has 0 to 1 ranges to keep compatibility with my LFO Modulators

The Multi-mirror allows to reflect the incoming signal very effective as it done with math. It's often called as Fold-distortion and detailed description of the effect and sound examples can be found in the old Mutli-reflector post. The new multi-mirror macros can be found at downloads.

Free sample packs WAV/SFZ

Recent news is MusicRadar keep sharing giant sample pack one by one. Generally electronic genre sample pack it can be downloaded from MusicRadar site. And the second pack is clearly classic orchestral by Sonatina Symphonic Orchestra which are also free which quite rare comparing to any electronic stuff out there.


And btw, there is coming redesign of site. If you have any additional ideas or synths to review then feel free to contact me or comment any post at the blog! Thanks!

Reaktor 5.6 update announced

A couple of weeks ago NI announced Reaktor 5.6 update. It must to be said that is quite small update (5.5.1 to 5.6) for these years of waiting and hoping for 6.0. It seems NI left very few resources working on Reaktor software and put their best men to DJ and VSTi synthesis software divisions. The list of updated features is also pretty modest:

New and improved features:

  • 64bit support under Windows and Mac OS X
  • New "search box" feature for quick module/macro insertion
  • Breadcrumb navigation for structures
  • Mouse scrolling via modifier key in structure view
  • Drag&Drop copy in structure view
  • Transparency and frame hiding for XY module
  • Time display added to recorder

And by the way, announced doesn't mean already available for download 🙂

How about a little collection of waveforms?

About 4500 ones!

All this huge collection by Advanture Kid you can get for free at their site. Also there are some extra free stuff like Reverb Impulses and etc.